Beyond Sin | The Brothers Karamazov

Boris Eifman

Beyond Sin | The Brothers Karamazov


The captivating choreography enhanced by the three musical giants – Wagner, Mussorgsky and Rachmaninov, impressive set and interpretative challenge offer a promise of an unusual experience. 

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
17. 11. 2017 18. 11. 2017

Schedule of performances

Friday 21. 1. 2022
19:00 h 21:30 h
Friday 11. 2. 2022
19:00 h 21:30 h
Saturday 12. 2. 2022
17:00 h 19:30 h
Friday 25. 3. 2022
19:00 h 21:30 h
The production Beyond Sin from the repertoire of the internationally acclaimed Eifman Ballet is the first study of Eifman’s work in Slovakia. In the spirit of the work of the contemporary choreographic genius Boris Eifman, it is a psychological ballet, an attempt to create a dance equivalent to Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. The novel served as the master for the production about the destructive passions and God’s eternal struggle with the devil. Through a choreographic immersion into the souls of the main characters, we follow the storylines of the novel. Its leitmotif is: “If God does not exist, then all things are in accordance with the law.” The author paraphrases the idea from the present perspective: “God does exist and yet, all things happen in accordance with the law.” The captivating choreography, amplified by the three musical titans Wagner, Mussorgsky and Rachmaninov, the evocative plot and interpretive complexity promise an extraordinary spectator experience.
Running time: 2 hours with one interval
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Production Team

Libretto, choreography and direction Boris Eifman
Musical Preparation Branislav Kostka
Set and Costume Designer Viacheslav Okunev
Adaptácia scény Alexey Donde
Adaptácia kostýmov Larisa Ivuskhyna


Spev Brigita Szelidova Cikosi (as a guest) Svetlana Rymarenko (as a guest)
Gitara Dávid Bílek (as a guest) Jozef Sivák (as a guest) Jaroslav Konečný