Giuseppe Verdi



Opera in four acts performed in Italian
Slovak/German subtitles

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
26. 9. 2020 29. 9. 2020

The unusual opera by the ageing master Verdi is among the most popular pieces in the world’s operatic literature. He composed it on commission from the exotic Cairo to be presented as part of the jubilee ceremony marking the opening of the Suez Canal. Even though things didn’t quitter go to the plan and the piece opened later, its celebratory character remained unchanged. The music in Aida brings together the representative lustre of state and military ceremonies with climax of emotional conflicts between the lead characters, along with the outer splendour of mass scenes involving choral and ballet scenes and intimately tuned passages of personal lyrical confessions. Aida isn’t merely an appealing romantic story with captivating music, but also a monumental narrative fresco that is a feast to both an eye and ear.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval


Production Team