Authorial docudrama that explores the profound story of a woman, mother, lawyer, politician, member of the Czech anti-Nazi résistance, and a victim of Stalinist show trial, Milada Horáková.

The new SND building, The Blue Salon
3. 10. 2020 4. 10. 2020

Schedule of performances

Wednesday 8. 12. 2021
19:30 h 20:40 h

The Matúš Bachynec docudrama is a remarkable and thought-provoking story of a freedom-loving woman who fought against the Communist terror in the 1950s. In the show trial, the régime sentenced Milada Horáková to death along with other leaders of the democratic opposition. She was executed on 27 June 1950. To mark the 70th anniversary of the tragic sentence, the production brings a documentary take on her moral magnitude and incorruptibility of conscience. It also portrays a mother and wife with brave heart. This is a story of a woman who was first imprisoned by the Nazis and then by the Communists: she passed both 20th-century tests of righteousness. Set in a pleasant family dinner, the production exposes the drama faced by a woman who stood in résistance to the two totalitarian régimes. It reveals her political and ethical stance, along with her relations with her family and friends. The peace of the family room is progressively intruded by the outside dire reality. The end is near. The gallows are ready.

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes, no interval

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Production Team

Directed by Matúš Bachynec
Costumes Ján Husár
Music Andrea Bučková (as a guest)
Lighting design Ján Ptačin


Milada Vladena Škorvagová (as a guest)
Dcéra Petra Dubayová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Anna Magdaléna Hroboňová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Sestra Andrea Bučková (as a guest)
Švagor Cyril Žolnír (as a guest)