You Are Among Us

You Are Among Us


Different perspectives on the not-at-all dreary life of people with sight impairments and the blind presented by the theatre Zrakáč.

The new SND building, The Blue Salon
6. 4. 2019

Schedule of performances

Sunday 10. 10. 2021
19:30 h 20:40 h
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Welcome to the interactive lecture by Andrej, the self-declared specialist on cataracts. Together with his figurines he will demonstrate the world which he himself doesn’t know quite well.

A production by the theatre Zrakáč is a mosaic of prima facie mundane situations. Actors attempt to express their different perspectives on their 'specificulum' through scenes inspired by actual events, yet with detachment and a touch of humour.A company of theatre makers – blind or with vision impairment – decided to embark on the journey of creative method of collective staging.

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes, no interval

The production is brought to you in collaboration with the civic association – theatre Divadlo Zrakáč and SND Drama Company within the framework of adventurous dramaturgy.

Production Team

Directed and Dramaturgy by Matej Feldbauer Pavol Viecha
Music Katarakta