The Conformist

Alberto Moravia

The Conformist


The new SND building, Drama hall
15. 4. 2023 16. 4. 2023

Schedule of performances

Saturday 15. 4. 2023
19:00 h 21:00 h
Sunday 16. 4. 2023
19:00 h 21:00 h
A story about the desire to discover one's place in society, sometimes at a blood price. Marcello hasn't been able to fit in since childhood. He cannot confide his innermost feelings to his friends and loved ones - the thrill that overwhelms him at the sight of death and killing. He finds neither punishment, absolution, nor understanding from them; he is surrounded only by the carelessness of those around him. In his loneliness, he desires only one thing - to be like others and to share the same feelings with them. He has been failing to do so for years... Suddenly, however, times change, and as history unfolds, the social spotlight is thrust upon a group into which Marcello fits perfectly; a group in which the darkness within him becomes the norm and the fascination with killing is a valuable virtue. Marcello can finally feel like a valid member of society. And he would do anything for those who made it possible for him to do so.
The duration of the performance is approximate, as the preview has not been held yet.
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Production Team

Translated by Miroslava Vallová
Direction and dramatization Roman Polák
Dramaturgy Daniel Majling
Set design Pavel Borák
Choreography Assistance Juraj Letenay


Marcello Juraj Loj (as a guest)
Linna/Luisa Rebeka Poláková
Delia Henrieta Mičkovicová (as a guest)
Slúžka Anna Magdaléna Hroboňová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)