Voľne na motívy poviedok Boženy Slančíkovej Timravy



The new SND building, Studio
3. 6. 2023 4. 6. 2023

Schedule of performances

Saturday 3. 6. 2023
19:00 h 21:00 h
Sunday 4. 6. 2023
19:00 h 21:00 h
The production Children is freely inspired by the short stories U Kanátov [At Kanát's family] and Žiadna radosť [No Joy at All by] B. S. Timrava. Mara is arranging her son’s second marriage. His first marriage failed, and then she drove him almost by force into the second one with an unattractive widow that had a small child. At first, it seems that it will be just another ordeal, but the newlyweds - both social outsiders - find their way to each other surprisingly fast. Mara is horrified to discover that her son does not need her anymore, that she is losing her power over him... Zuza buried her husband. She doesn't grieve much; the man was a drunkard and a rapist, with whom she had little joy and happiness, but mostly a long-repressed desire awakens in her. Her old youthful love is now also a widower. Is it possible to go twenty-five years back and undo what they have both destroyed by having married out of reason? Is it possible to inflame the feelings buried deep inside for years? And if so, what about the kids? A story about children... those to whom we are connected by blood ties and whom we can completely suffocate with smother-love, but also about those strangers from the other side of the valley, to whom we can be ruthless and indifferent.
The duration of the performance is approximate, as the preview has not been held yet.
Première June 3, 2023
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Production Team


Zuza Bosá Diana Mórová
Mara Kanátová Kamila Magálová
Ján Grúnik Jozef Vajda
Drozdík Emil Horváth
Pavol Mišúr František Kovár
Zuza Kanátová Rebeka Poláková
Paľo "Ľoľo" Kanát Gregor Hološka
Ďuro Grúnik Daniel Fischer