Die Fledermaus (The Flittermouse) Gala

Johann Strauss

Die Fledermaus (The Flittermouse) Gala


Operetta in three acts in German (spoken word in Slovak)

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall

Schedule of performances

Saturday 31. 12. 2022
18:00 h 22:40 h
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The Flittermouse is a difficult challenge for a theatre company, not only in terms of interpretation but also in terms of acting. A well-crafted production is an amazing performance crowned with beautiful melodies. A critic writing for the Vienna newspaper Morgenpost wrote after the world premiere in 1874: "... one can get the most beautiful seasickness in the box of the Theater an der Wien; such is the waving to the enchanting notes that Johann Strauss's score brings out of the orchestra downstairs. Everything is chirping, humming, singing and trilling like in the middle of spring."
Operetta is staged in German; spoken word is performed in the Slovak language.
Duration of the performance: Three hours with one intermission
Ticket Prices:
VIP: 89 €
1st category: 69 €
2nd category: 49 €
3rd category: 39 €


Production Team

Directed by Miroslav Grisa
Stage design Milan Ferenčík
Choreography Jaroslav Moravčík
Chorus Master Pavel Procházka
Dramaturgy Michal Benedik