The Midnight Mass

Peter Karvaš

The Midnight Mass


One of the best Slovak plays about the nature of ordinary man at times of historic turmoil

The new SND building, Studio

The Kubiš’s are very inconspicuous, indifferent, family-oriented, committed to customs and traditions. They are also very flexible. The youngest son is a guerrilla fighter; the elder son is a guard; the daughter, being non-Jewish, has taken over Jewish property. They sit at the Christmas table with a Nazi, the hoped-for daughter-in-law is a Communist. The situation on the war front is increasingly uncertain; it is becoming clearer that the moment is approaching when one of the relativeshas to be sacrificed. What will they confess at the midnight mass?

Running time: 1 hrs 50 mins with no interval

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Production Team

Direction by Lukáš Brutovský
Stage design Tom Ciller
Costumes Jan Kocman


Valentín Kubiš Emil Horváth
Vilma Kubišová Anna Javorková
Ďurko Tomáš Grega (as a guest) Adam Jančina (as a guest)
Katka Kristína Kanátová (as a guest)
1. soldier Michal Koleják (as a guest)
1st Partisan Tomáš Stopa (as a guest)