New impulses arrive with the new director of SND Opera, Mr Rastislav Štúr

Raised artistic standards, inspiring activities and projects – all this is to be brought by changes awaiting operatic audiences in the coming period.

Rastislav Štúr was appointed Director of SND Opera on 25 September. With his characteristic enthusiasm and energy he embarked on useful changes in programming that shall draw greater viewer interest and developments on our prime operatic stage. Whilst respecting the economy of operatic productions, Mr Štúr endeavours to raise their artistic standards and quality in order to make them attractive, artistically invaluable, thus drawing maximum number of spectators.

Some change will affect the holders of season passes – everyone will be informed in time. For instance, the new Opera administration is withdrawing from its programming the operatic night composed of Benjamin Britten´s operas Curlew River and The Burning Fiery Furnace. The date reserved for the event, 27 April 2019, shall now be dedicated to the rescheduled première of the original Peter Zagar opera for young audiences, the première of The Tale of A Happy End. Mr Štúr intends to enhance the repertoire for smallest and young members of our audiences who have the potential to become operatic aficionados.

The soloists, chorus and orchestra have put plenty of their creative potential into the opera Sadko by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. It would be a pity for its splendid music didn’t sound on stage the SND Opera. It shall be presented repeatedly in concert performance. Another impulse which we hope will be well received by the audiences, is the interconnection of all three artistic stages into an attractive project. Operatic aficionados will no doubt welcome Slovak globetrotters in roles within operatic repertoire titles, thus have the opportunity to appreciate their mastery. Let´s just name a few – the outstanding mezzosoprano Jana Kurucová as Carmen or the soprano Andrea Danková When we meet in the SND Opera on 1 April, it won´t be April Fool´s Day joke, but a surprise charged with charm, wit and bubbly melodies …

We listed just a few of many changes of which we shall keep you informed regularly and in detail. Thank you for your understanding with which you accept the developments which we put in place for you, our spectators.