The Shepherd’s Wife

Ivan Stodola

The Shepherd’s Wife


Slovak drama of Antique dimension about a woman in between two men

The new SND building, Studio
2. 2. 2021 20:00 h - 21:40 h

The Shepherd’s Wife is one of the masterpieces in Slovak drama. The impeccably focused tragedy is a powerful story of a woman, loving mother, who finds herself – to no her fault of hers – in desperate predicament. In between two male worlds she chooses to be faithful to herself. The Shepherd’s Wife by Ivan Stodola continues to raise moral dilemmas and insoluble issues. It is a Slovak “Antique tragedy”. The currency of its theme has the potential to speak to contemporary audiences.

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins with no interval



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Production Team


Shepherd Ondrej Ján Koleník (as a guest)
Shepherd Mišo Alexander Bárta
Old shepherd Mrnčo Dušan Jamrich
Administrator Dušan Tarageľ
Shepherd Martin (video recording) Daniel Fischer
Ondrejko (video recording) Alex Bašnár (as a guest)
Miško (video recording) Dominik Martin Bičkoš (as a guest)
Servants in the video recording Adriana Janovíčková (as a guest) Peter Kaša (as a guest) Vladimíra Krutková (as a guest) Erik Voltemar (as a guest) Igor Malinovský (as a guest) Paulína Šebestová (as a guest) Jaroslava Janišová (as a guest)