Scenes from the Life of Director (Ingmar Bergman)

Roman Polák

Scenes from the Life of Director (Ingmar Bergman)


A production about the cathartic power of theatre.

The new SND building, Drama hall
17. 9. 2021 19:00 h - 22:05 h

Ingmar Bergman is among the foremost and most influential stage and film directors of the 20th century. The play that draws from his memoirs and scripts, as well as the accounts of his colleagues captures Bergman as directing a stage play. The story touches upon the very core of artistic work and theatre, the very nature of the vocation of the director: by fighting his own demons Bergman attempted to identify the demons that tormented the entire society. The production is yet another contribution to the SND centenary celebrations. It intertwines Bergman’s personal issues he had with his parents, partners and colleagues, and those he faced, as director, in his art when conceiving his works. Can theatre prove cathartic?

Running time: 3 hrs 5 mins with one interval

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Production Team

Directed by Roman Polák
Dramaturgy by Daniel Majling
Stage design Pavel Borák