Collaboration of domestic choreographers with top Slovak fashion designers.

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
9. 12. 2022 19:00 h - 20:40 h

Ballet and fashion – two separate art forms that primarily address the observer through visual perception. By observing the movement of the dancers' bodies, we can decipher encoded stories; by observing the outfits in motion, we perceive their texture, cut and the inspiration of the designer. Ever since their inception, ballet and fashion have, subconsciously, walked hand-in-hand. During Romanticism, the star dancers were those to set the fashion trends in Paris; in the 20th century the fashion icons such as Versace, Dior, Chanel and others designed costumes for ballet productions. Fashion Ballet Gala ´22 will present four original stage forms that are the fruit of the work of Slovak choreographers and fashion designers.

Dramaturgy: Kristián Kohút

Choreography by Kristina Paulin
Costume design by Martin Hrča
Music by Igor Stravinsky (Symphony in C)
„Flying high will get you burnt“
The story of Icarus and Daedalus, one of the most famous Greek myths as an allegory of high metas, exaggerated ambitions and pride, inspired choreographer Kristina Paulin to create a chamber work of art with strong message. It is important to set high goals, yet with humility and caution in mind.
Choreography by Adrian Ducin
Costume design by Pavol Dendis
Music by Remo Klačanský
We each carry a natural desire for individuality and uniqueness within ourselves. Each and everyone is an original blend of character traits, temperament, emotions, motivations and abilities. Clothing can protect our vulnerability, but it does not mask our diversity and originality, that allows us to seek our own approach to life and find our own solutions.
Choreography by Lukáš Timuľak
Costume design by Boris Hanečka
Music by Henry Vega, Georg Friedrich Händel
"The theme of fashion and dance in history fascinates me. One hundred years ago, the avant-garde movement permanently changed the way we experience and understand art: The Ballets suédois in Paris in the 1920s integrated movement, music, art, drama, film and poetry into one coherent whole, a holistic experience for the viewer. This way of working together with artists from different disciplines is very close to me: more than fifteen years of collaboration with designer Peter Biľak resulted in the Make Move Think Foundation, which we founded in 2017 as a platform for multidisciplinary collaborations between artists,”says choreographer Lukáš Timuľak. In their new work TWO, together with fashion designer Boris Hanečka and composer Henry Vega, they explore ways to match individuals' ideas into creative synergies. The dance of two dancers is an expression of connection, inseparability and forces, complementary rather than opposing, forming a whole that is much more than just the sum of its individual parts.
Choreography by Roman Novitzký
Costumes Lukáš Krnáč
Music New Dorp New York / SBTRKT, Satisfied / Prince, Too Funky / George Michael
The impulse for creating the choreography of Extravaganza is the phenomenon of fashion as a space for openness and creativity, as well as finding overlaps in dance. Musically, artistically and physically, the creators were inspired by the cult fashion of the 90‘s with an explosion of contrasting colors, materials and cuts. Creating a functional dance costume was a challenge for a fashion designer entering from the world of fashion with its extravagancies. The choreographer and the dancers had the opportunity to mingle the ballet standard and enjoy a bit of a crazy, surprising, sometimes shocking "fashion show". For viewers, Extravaganza can be a nostalgic return to the glittering era of the 90‘s, an opportunity to experience it anew, with an original movement and artistic message.

Performers: soloists and choir of the SND Ballet

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes with one interval

Première May 26, 2022
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