Giacomo Puccini



Opera in three acts performed in Italian

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
6. 9. 2022 19:00 h - 21:35 h

Schedule of performances

Tuesday 6. 9. 2022
19:00 h 21:35 h
In sales
Thursday 8. 9. 2022
19:00 h 21:35 h
In sales

The last work of Giacomo Puccini belongs to those created by great artists at the end of their lives, being still able to keep their minds and spirits fresh and let themselves be inspired with everything what was new and modern around them, in spite of their mature age. Turandot is a drama, but also a symbolic fairy tale, an attractive culmination of bel canto melody and a courageous step towards the new horizons in music.Behold, though! Fairy-tale isn’t always only for children. It often presents philosophical issues that exceed child’sintellectual grasp and address instead the adults with their timeless message.

Running time: 2 hrs 35 mins with two interval

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Production Team


Turandot Maida Hundeling (as a guest)
Calaf Luis Chapa (as a guest)
Timur Peter Mikuláš (as a guest)
Ping Šimon Svitok (as a guest)
Pang Róbert Remeselník (as a guest)
Mandarin Martin Morháč (as a guest)
Altoum Pavol Mucha (as a guest)