Just Another Cup of Tea

Ivan Stodola

Just Another Cup of Tea


Divadlo nevidiacich – Divadlo Zrakáč

The new SND building, The Blue Salon
5. 3. 2023 19:30 h - 21:30 h

Schedule of performances

Tuesday 20. 6. 2023
19:30 h 21:30 h
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Just Another Cup of Tea (Čaj u pána senátora) is a play by Ivan Stodola that is set (almost) a hundred years ago and captures the early days of democracy in our territory. Since democracy was unfamiliar to the Slovak people, it took time for the new-found citizens to learn how to navigate the previously uncharted system. That is why we can notice maladies in the behaviour of the political leaders of that time that are out of place in an advanced society and are considered to have long since been overcome. However, we should not judge our ancestors too harshly - after all, they did not have decades of experience under their belt that could have made them the proud politicians they are today. That is why we should look back to the joyful and less favourable moments of the past to appreciate our society's development over nearly a hundred years.
The production is a result of the second collaboration of the SND Drama Theatre and the Theatre Zrakáč.
Running time: 2 hrs no interval
Première November 27, 2022
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Production Team

Direction by Pavol Viecha
Dramaturgy Martin Krč
Stage adaptation Martin Krč Pavol Viecha
Set and Costume Designer Stanislava Nerečová


Balthazar Plum Peter Zbranek (as a guest)
Mrs Plum Lucia Medveď Patáková (as a guest)
Sergei Ivanovich Lopushkin Ján Gallovič
Mr Hatchet Marek Hlina (as a guest)
Secretary of the Headquarters Andrej Svetko (as a guest)
Mr Cord, Senator Rat Michal Ondruška (as a guest)
Mr Muzzle, Deputy Viola Ján Mišľan (as a guest)
Mr Skillette, Deputy Duck Vladimír Cintula (as a guest)
Mrs Duck Zuzana Hrebičíková (as a guest)
Mrs Viola Antónia Martófová (as a guest)
Mrs Rat Martina Lužáková (as a guest)