Just Wait for It! We’re Coming for You!

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Just Wait for It! We’re Coming for You!


A creative reflection on a tragedy that has remained suppressed and untold for nearly a hundred years. A tragedy caused by prejudice that is present to this day.

The new SND building, The Blue Salon
31. 3. 2023 19:30 h - 20:30 h

Schedule of performances

Friday 2. 6. 2023
19:30 h 20:30 h
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"Kajo, just wait for it today!" One of the residents of the Roma neighbourhood in the village of Pobedim was told this message. The vague threat was a prelude to a tragic event that, according to several witnesses, involved dozens of people.
On the night of October 1 to 2, 1928, during a festive party, a group of citizens of Pobedim decided to attack a nearby Roma settlement. The raid resulted in destroyed homes, numerous injured and six casualties - including a six-year-old child.
The original production Just wait for it! attempts to depict the motivation behind this attack - the personal but mainly social factors that led to this event. The authors based the story on authentic material from the time of the incident, and they focus on the parallels with the present along with the historical and documentary point of view. They perceive the Pobedim massacre as a symbol of the attitude of the majority towards the Roma minority. The hatred, contempt, stereotypes and prejudice that stood behind the attack are hard to distinguish from those that are still common in many social circles even today.
The voices that seek to draw attention to this issue are but a cry into the dark. As in the past, even today, they meet with ignorance. 
Running time: 1 hrs with no interval
Première April 1, 2023
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Production Team

Koncept a scenár Pavol Viecha Martin Krč
Direction by Pavol Viecha
Dramaturgy Martin Krč
Set and Costume Designer Emília Rigová