SND Season tickets for 2022/2023

Once again, the Slovak National Theatre brings you the opportunity to purchase a subscription to a series of selected performances of drama, opera and ballet in the 2022/2023 theatre season.
We believe that the hundred and third theatre season of the Slovak National Theatre will bring you pleasant moments full of emotions and profound experiences.
1. A season ticket is a prepaid ticket to a series of selected theatre performances. The season ticket thus includes tickets for a specific seat and specific theatre performances scheduled for a particular date and venue in the 2022/2023 season.
2. By purchasing the season tickets, the season ticket holder secures a permanent booking of the selected seats in the venues of the performances listed in the series for which the season ticket applies. There is no need for any further bookings.
3. The season ticket is marked with the title of the series, the specific venue (of the particular building of the SND) and the booked seat.
4. The Season tickets apply to all the performances listed in the series. The season ticket holder keeps the season ticket for all the performances in the series and does not hand it over to the ushers upon entering the venue.
5. The dates of the Opera and Ballet performances are known when the season tickets series are available for purchase. The dates of the Drama performances are announced by the SND operations at least a month ahead of the performance date. The specific performance dates and the season ticket series can be verified on the programme posters and the website
6. The dates of the scheduled performances are invariable.
7. The season ticket is transferable. Therefore, if the performance date does not suit the season ticket holders and they cannot participate in person, they may lend their season ticket to their family members, acquaintances or friends.
8. In the event of a change or cancellation of a performance, the SND shall offer the season ticket holder an adequate alternative.
9. By purchasing the season ticket, its holder undertakes to follow and respect the scheduled dates of the performances designated within the season series.
10. The season ticket is a security for the period of its validity (according to the performances scheduled within the season series). The season ticket expires when all the performances of the season series it was purchased for have been performed.
11. The SND does not guarantee the seats from the previous seasons for any of the series.
12. The change of the programme is reserved.
Purchase of the SND season ticket for the 103rd 2022/2023 season
The season tickets will be available for purchase at the SND box office upon the sale launch with a designated staff member.
For further information, please contact: email +421 2,204 72,279.
The General Terms and Conditions of the Slovak National Theatre for the 2022/2023 season apply to the sale of the SND season ticket series.
What are the benefits of the season tickets?
 the possibility to choose your favourite seat in the auditorium in the best categories
 guarantee of booking of the same seat for all your performances within the season
 the season ticket is transferable – you can also treat your loved ones with it
 in the event of a change of performance, you shall be offered an adequate alternative
individual approach thanks to a designated staff member of the SND sales department during the whole season
 an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the premiers of the Opera and Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre
The Season ticket for the News in Drama Theatre (NČ)
It could have been a relief. However, it seems it might not be. Europe and the world are in crisis again, paradigms are shifting, Pandora's Boxes are opening, and we are amid new ordeals and challenges. The wounds are piling up, but some are healing indeed. Theatre may once again fulfil its function and react to reality. Unfortunately? Thank God? That defines its meaning. Creating unique worlds can be an aesthetic, philosophical and conceptual reflection of the world, its commentary, analysis, emotional catharsis, or a simple perception of reality.
For the 2022/2023 season, we have explored the themes that form our vertical dramaturgy across the seasons, such as the amnesia of memory, the white spaces in history, the series on the West, the depression in Europe, the culture wars, ageing, the identity of our community, and what kind of world and values are worth fighting for. This has translated into twelve projects united by the moment of crisis, both personal and social, and the subsequent reaction, which forces us to change our attitudes. Both individually and on the level of society. The established frameworks are not enough, and a decision must be made after a turning point. To stay in the chosen world, conform, blend in, suppress the self, succumb to social pressure, or start out differently, afresh, individually, without the suppression of responsibility. But a crisis might be followed by a retreat ending precisely in the conformity of one's own life and attitude. However, there is hope at the bottom of Pandora’s box. And hope is now in high demand; it is necessary and wished for. There will be enough of it in our theatre.
Price: VIP category € 217, 1st category € 177
Macbeth *
Kocúrkovo (Gotham City) *
The Conformist *
Little Women *
The Clean House *
The Concert on Demand *
The White Water [Biela voda]*
Children *
* The schedule of the performances will be completed during the course of the 2022/2023 season.
The season ticket for the OPERA and BALLET PREMIÈRES (OB)
Opera and ballet premières offer the season ticket holders classic stories interpreted from a traditional and also contemporary perspective. Georges Bizet's spirited Carmen is followed by the philosophising Svätopluk by Eugen Suchoň and then Gaetano Donizetti's epic Maria Stuarda. The triad will be completed by a contemporary tribute to the opera genre with historical references, Impresario Dotcom by Ľubica Čekovská. Sir Frederick Ashton's popular family ballet set to the music of Ferdinand Hérold, La Fille mal Gardée / The Wayward Daughter, returns to the repertoire after several decades, and the second ballet première is an adaptation of the well-known fairy tale Pinocchio, choreographed by Giorgio Madia. The new season will offer a fresh, colourful theatre world that echoes traditional qualities and will also appeal to young audiences. We look forward to reflecting, sharing laughter, enjoying the beauty and daydreaming together.
Price: 1st category € 204
Carmen 29. 9. 2022 **
Impresario Dotcom 21.10. 2022
La Fille mal 3 Gardée / The Wayward Daughter 18.11.2022**
Svätopluk 24. 2. 2023 **
Maria Stuarda 21. 4. 2023 **
Pinocchio 19. 5. 2023 **
** 1st première