Donate 100 Euros

Support the SND Theatre for All Children and the development of projects for children.
The charity project Theatre for All Children was launched by the Slovak National Theatre before Christmas 2021. Thanks to the donations, its aim is to bring children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise perhaps never get to go to the theatre, to the performances of the Slovak National Theatre, and thus enable them to experience the extraordinary moments that theatre brings.
So far, thanks to our donors, we have purchased tickets for nearly a thousand children to attend our performances.
At the Slovak National Theatre, we believe that every child should have the chance and opportunity to experience theatre first-hand. Without theatre, children miss out not only on a wonderful artistic experience but also on a chance to learn. Theatre develops creativity, culture, communication, patience, morality and imagination.
Each of you, our audience, can now support the Theatre for All Children project and the further growth of the projects for children.