Support the SND Theatre for All Children and the development of projects for children.
The charity project Theatre for All Children was launched by the Slovak National Theatre before Christmas 2021. Thanks to the donations, its aim is to bring children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise perhaps never get to go to the theatre, to the performances of the Slovak National Theatre, and thus enable them to experience the extraordinary moments that theatre brings.
So far, thanks to our donors, we have purchased tickets for nearly a thousand children to attend our performances.
At the Slovak National Theatre, we believe that every child should have the chance and opportunity to experience theatre first-hand. Without theatre, children miss out not only on a wonderful artistic experience but also on a chance to learn. Theatre develops creativity, culture, communication, patience, morality and imagination.
Each of you, our audience, can now support the Theatre for All Children project and the further growth of the projects for children.
For donors who would like to contribute a higher amount, there are options of €100, €300 and €500.
You can also contribute a smaller amount quickly and easily online when purchasing tickets. Simply choose to make an optional donation of €5, €10 or €15 at the time of payment.
For example, we can buy a ticket for one child for the morning performance of the fairy tale Fear-Not just for a contribution of five Euros. For €15 we can buy a ticket for one child for the evening performance of The Devil and Kate.
All the voluntary contributions will be used for the promotion of the projects for children and the purchase of tickets for children from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities.
Thank you for making the world a better place with us.
Other projects for children that we will continue working on thanks to your support:
Adventure Saturday mornings at the Slovak National Theatre for all the curious kids of any age group. Together, we will discover the behind-the-scenes of the theatre and the magic of creative professions.
An adventurous night at the Slovak National Theatre packed with great fun. The sleepover includes a theatre performance, animation programmes and theatre workshops. For all the brave children who are not afraid of the dark!
Theatre tours
The magical world of theatre backstage offers unlimited possibilities for exploration. The kids will understand the theatre operation together with us, peek into the colourful dressing rooms and fragrant make-up rooms, discover the dressing rooms of the performers and feel the greatness of the stage.

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