Suggestions & Grievances


Filing, reviewing, registering and responding to complaints concerning asocial conduct, pursuant SND Directive No 3/2015

Contact person

Chief Controller, tel/fax: (421) 2 204 72 105

How to file and receive complaints:

1. You may file your complaint in writing, orally as a recorded complaint, by fax or email.

2. Written complaint shall be filed with the contact person or at the SND Registry which shall instantly pass the complaint the contact person.

3. Filing a complaint orally as recorded complaint may be done via the contact person.

4. Filing a complaint by email may be done to the email address of the contact person: Complaints received by fax or email received by a person other than the contact person, the former shal instantly forward the complaint to the latter. Electronic form of filing complaints is available 24/7.

You may file a request to access information in writing addressed to:

The Slovak National Theatre

Pribinova 17

819 01 Bratislava


From 8Am to 3PM (Chief Controller)

By phone:

(421) 2 204 82 105

By fax:

(421) 2 204 72 810

By email:

The Registry – opening hours:

Mon – Fri

9:00AM – 12:00PM

12:30PM – 3PM