About SND Ballet

The Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre started to write its history in May 1920 with Delibe’s Coppélia and Dvořák’s Slavonic Dances. The productions were choreographed by Václav Kalina on stage of the then City Opera in Braislava built to the design of the eminent Vienna-based architects Helmer & Fellner. The history of the ballet administration is a proud pantheon of dancers and choreographers, such as Václav Kalina, Achille Viscusi, Ella Fuchsová-Lehotská, Vladimir Pirnikov, Bohumil Relský, Maximilián Froman, Bedřich Fussegger, Rudolf Macharovský, Stanislav Remar, Jozef Zajko, Boris Slovák, Karol Tóth, Gabriela Zahradníková, Jozef Sabovčík, Emil Bartko, Mário Radačovský. Today the Ballet is led by Jozef Dolinský. The production of the prime ballet scene has been significantly marked by international, particularly Czech choreographers and – after the foundation of dance academies – also by local artists. From the 1960s the SND Ballet saw a development of a line of original ballet works by such choreographers as Jozef Zajko, Stanislav Remar, Karol Tóth, Pavel Šmok, Jozef Dolinský Sr., Libor Vaculík, Ondrej Šoth, Robert Balogh, Igor Holováč, Ján Ďurovčík, Daniel de Andrade, Natália Horečná etc.. The Ballet collaborates today with Europe’s foremost artists, such as Vasily Medvedev, Youri Vámos, Natália Horečná or Boris Eifman. We also enjoy cooperation with eminent composers, namely Peter Breiner, Carl Davis and others. The history of the ballet has been significantly influenced by such prominent dancers as Jozef Zajko, Augusta Herényiová, Trúda Tašká-Boudová, Titus Pomšár, Ondrej Halász, Jozef Dolinský Sr., Ján Haľama, Zoltán Nagy, Gabriela Zahradníková, Nora Gallovičová, Igor Holováč, Jozef Dolinský, Nikoleta Stehlíková, Romina Kołodziej, Andrej Szabo, Adrian Ducin, and others. Our ballet ensemble is highly international: the seventy dancers come from fifteen nationalities.

As the SND Ballet approaches its centenary, our vision is to join the ranks of major European stages and to transform the wealth of historical classical legacy, as well as the tradition of the Slovak ballet into contemporary form fitting for the 21st century. SND Ballet wishes to present its artistic output within the wide spectre of dance aesthetics, to offer space to the representatives of numerous generations of choreographers and performing artists, whilst placing emphasis on original works. The collaboration with The Eva Jaczová Dance Conservatory in Bratislava and the Academy of Performing Arts gave birth to the Studio of Choreography as a platform for young aspiring ballet artists that supports the emergence and presentation of original contemporary works.

SND Ballet is repertory theatre. Its programme within a season includes a dozen of ballets with particular emphasis on the classical legacy, which is amplified with neoclassicism and contemporary ballet works. We place major emphasis on our child audiences. Our programme is expanded annually by guest performances given by Slovak and international ensembles and a ballet gala. We hold the biennial music theatre festival Eurokontext.sk, convened jointly by the SND Opera and Ballet.