SND Opera Studio

The SND Opera Studio is an art-educational project of the SND Opera, the aim of which is to systematically work with young opera singers and prepare them for the professional theater scene. In the two-year cycle of the SND Opera Studio, the singers take part in educational seminars and, with the help of leading figures in the world of opera, delve deeper into the specifics of particular musical periods. This gained experience is then publicly presented at a concert or performance.
Each semester includes master classes led by prominent figures of cultural and operatic life. During the three-day intensive course, the lecturers focus in depth on a specific issue and thus pass on their rare experience in a more comprehensive way. Among the lecturers who accepted our invitation to the SND Opera Studio are (to name a few): David Radok, Pavol Bršlík, Adam Plachetka, Andrea Miltnerová, Peter Mikuláš, Markéta Cukrová and Emília Vášáryová.
At the same time, the singers meet regularly with twoo artistic coaches - opera singer Adriana Galla Kohútková, conductor Dušan Štefánek. Their task is to work with the members of the SND Opera Studio on individual weaknesses and strengths throughout the two-year cycle.
It is important for singers to gain valuable experience in public speaking. The SND Opera Studio offers its members several options – it casts studio members in smaller positions in the SND Opera titles, organizes SND Opera Studio members concerts and studies its own opera titles, which the studio members present on SND stages.
The third cycle of the Opera Studio of the Slovak National Theatre includes:
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