SND Season tickets for 2024/2025

Once again, the Slovak National Theatre brings you the opportunity to purchase a subscription to a series of selected performances of drama, opera and ballet in the 2024/2025 theatre season.
We believe that the 105th SND theatre season will offer pleasant moments full of emotions and powerful experiences.
1. A season ticket is a prepaid ticket to a series of selected theatre performances. The season ticket thus includes tickets for a specific seat and specific theatre performances scheduled for a specific date and venue in the 2024/2025 season.
2. By purchasing season tickets, the season ticket holder secures a permanent booking of the selected seats in the venues of the performances listed in the series for which the season ticket applies. There is no need for further bookings.
3. The season card that you will collect at the SND box office is marked with the title of the series, the specific venue (of the specific building of the SND) and the booked seat.
4. The Season card applies to all the performances listed in the series. The season ticket holder keeps the season ticket for all the performances in the series and does not hand it over to the ushers upon entering the venue.
5. The dates of the Opera and Ballet performances are known when the season ticket series is available for purchase. The dates of the Drama performances are announced by the SND operations at least a month before the performance date. The specific performance dates and the season ticket series can be verified on the programme posters and the website
6. The dates of the scheduled performances are invariable.
7. The season ticket is transferable. Therefore, if the performance date does not suit the season ticket holders and they cannot participate in person, they may lend their season ticket to their family members, acquaintances, or friends.
8. In the event of a change or cancellation of a performance, the SND shall offer the season ticket holder an adequate alternative.
9. By purchasing the season ticket, the holder undertakes to follow and respect the scheduled dates of the performances designated within the season series.
10. The season ticket is a security for the period of its validity (according to the performances scheduled within the season series). The season ticket expires when all the performances of the season series it was purchased for have been performed.
11. The SND does not guarantee the seats from the previous seasons for any of the series.
12. Change of the programme is reserved.
Purchase of the SND season ticket for the 105th season 2024/2025
You can buy season tickets online directly via the button from this website or at the SND box office as follows:
until 30. 6. 2024 and from 1. 9. 2024 Mo – Sun / 11.00 – 19.00 h from 1. 7. 2024 until 31. 8. 2024 Mo – Tue / 12.00 – 18.00 h and Wed – Fri / 8.00 – 14.00 h
The sale of subscription series runs from April 17 to August 31, 2024.
For further information, please contact: email +421 2,204 72,248.
The current General Business Terms and Conditions of the Slovak National Theatre apply to the sale of the SND subscription series.
What are the benefits of the season tickets?
- the possibility to choose your favourite seat in the auditorium in the best categories
- guarantee of booking of the same seat for all your performances within the season
- the season ticket is transferable – you can also treat your loved ones with it
- in the event of a change of performance, you will be offered an adequate alternative
- individual approach thanks to a designated staff member of the SND sales department during the whole season
- an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the première of the Opera and Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre
The Season ticket for the News in Drama Theatre (abbreviation of the series: DN) [Drama News]
In the 2024/2025 season, we have prepared eight titles for theatre connoisseurs, reflecting on a new phenomenon: decency and compassion against vulgarity and victimhood. Or what happens when the aggression of the masses leads to escalated behaviour, and whether the power of collective resistance against totalitarianism can be found, or whether it is only the role of the powerless individual. There will be both family-type initiation titles and reflections on the foresight of those with short memories. It's a season of western classical literature in which women directors are given a prominent place. In the Drama Hall we will present a drama about unfulfilled fatal love, personal honour and the legacy of blood by Spanish playwright Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding, directed by Ján Luterán. The adaptation of Robert Crichton's brilliant and ironic novel The Secret of Santa Vittoria, about the collective revolt of an Italian town against Nazism, will be directed by Alena Lelkova. Sometimes evil can only be laughed at. The Romanian playwright and director Gianina Carbunariu will join us from abroad. She will prepare an Original Project for the Drama Theatre of the Slovak National Theatre, featuring contemporary issues and reflections on the new paradoxes of the world in which it is no longer easy to find dialogue. We will present a dramatisation of the short stories by the famous French writer Guy de Maupassant, Boule de Suif [Dumpling] directed by Michal Vajdička. The iconic short story is an ironic, grotesque, yet very human exploration of volatile characters in a borderline situation. We will immerse into the adaptation of three prose pieces by one of the most important Slovak prose writers, Dominik Tatarka, directed by David Paška and titled Tatarka. We will then explore charlatanism and generational money spending in Molière's comedy The Imaginary Invalid, directed by Pavel Viecha. Then, we will cross the boundaries of absurd comedy in Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros, directed by Julia Rázusová. We will dive into the inner world of the elderly in the play Ghosts Are Only Human by Swiss author Katja Brunner and directed by Kamila Polívkova. May good literature, fine direction, and exceptional acting be our good companions in a new season in which no one will be ashamed to remain a decent human being and preserve their memory.
Price: 1st category 274 €
PRICE: VIP category 322 €
** the missing dates will be completed during the course of the 2024/2025 season.
The season ticket for the OPERA and BALLET PREMIÈRES (abbreviation of the series: OB)
In the 2024/25 season, the SND Opera will continue its celebrations of the Year of Czech Music 2024 - the first première will be a new production of Leoš Janáček The Cunning Little Vixen. The operatic fairy tale for adults will be performed in a musical staging by the world-renowned conductor Juraj Valčuha and directed by the internationally acclaimed Slovak director Sláva Daubnerová. The second novelty of the SND Opera will also be a fairy tale, but this time, it will be conceived as a narrative family performance. Engelbert Humperdinck's most famous opera fairy tale The Gingerbread House (Hänsel und Gretel in the original) will be performed in a new Slovak translation by Ján Štrasser. It will be set to music by the young Slovak conductor Maroš Potokár and directed with imagination by Dana Dinková. The third première will be dedicated to an opera classic, Giuseppe Verdi's popular work Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball). The new production will be set to music by the new chief conductor, Tomáš Brauner, and directed by the world-famous Polish director Karolina Sofulak. After the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen and the Norwegian Opera in Oslo, this traditionally conceived production will be staged in Bratislava.
In the 2024/25 season, the SND Ballet will present the première of a contemporary dance opus Bolero +, by the sought-after Israeli choreographer Shahar Binyamin. He created a hypnotising movement abstraction on Maurice Ravel's iconic composition for a large dance ensemble. Bolero + will conclude the programme of neoclassical works - It will be preceded by Edwaard Liang's Murmuration and Craig Davidson's Entropy, which we have reintroduced to the repertoire thanks to the great success after the Signatures of the Masters. The showcase of top choreographies will meet the expectations of even the most demanding admirers of ballet art. The second première will be a dance rendition of Pushkin's verse novel Onegin. One of the most beautiful dramatic titles of ballet literature comes to the stage of the Slovak National Theatre, choreographed by the legendary John Cranko. The story of unrequited love retold in beautiful duets and spectacular choral dances, was choreographed to the melodies of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's compositions, which were arranged for the needs of the work by Kurt-Heinz Stolze.
Price: 1st category 217 €
The Cunning Little Vixen 21. 9. 2024 *
BOLERO + 16. 11. 2024 *
ONEGIN 11. 4.2025 *
UN BALLO IN MASCHERA ('A Masked Ball') 24. 5. 2025 *
* 1st première
The Season ticket for ADVANCED SPECTATORS (shortcut of the series AS)
A subscription series for all those who seek more than just entertainment in the theatre. The selection for advanced audiences for the 105th theatre season at the SND includes a production that won the prestigious DOSKY award, plays that hold up a mirror, and those that remind us of the sins of the past. They are directed by women and men who are among the most prominent personalities of the Czechoslovak theatre and are not afraid to provoke or experiment. The production of Kocúrkovo [Gotham City], directed by Rastislav Ballek, awarded with four DOSKY prizes, including one for the best production of the season, caused a stir right after the première. Ján Chalupka's satirical comedy at the SND takes the form of an energy-packed theatre that will make you reflect. The Request Concert, a silent, hyper-realistic experiment directed by Kamila Polívková and accompanied by a live performance by Katarzia, alternates the conversational and musical content of Kocúrkovo [Gotham City]. It is a title for all those who believe that in a drama performance, not a word needs to be spoken. The Conformist is a study of the mechanism of emerging totalitarianism and a story about the desire to find a place in society, even at the cost of blood. Another production by the director Roman Polák, that refreshes the historical memory. The production Under Western Eyes poses many questions. It tells the story of a man who tried to navigate his way through an authoritarian regime without harm but was prevented from doing so by chance. Is it possible to preserve human dignity in totalitarianism without risking imprisonment, mutilation or death? The Dog on the Road is a dramatisation of the novel that won the Anasoft Litera Readers' and Women Readers' Prize. Pavel Vilikovský's captivatingly realistic and self-ironising narrative about the Slovak mentality, directed by the Czech star director Dušan D. Pařízek. The première title, The Cunning Little Vixen, will open the 105th season of the SND Opera. The production of Leoš Janáček's fundamental work in musical staging by the world-renowned conductor Juraj Valčuha and directed by the internationally acclaimed Slovak director Sláva Daubnerová promises an experience for all theatre connoisseurs.
Price: 1st category 180 €
Price: 2nd category 149 €
** the missing dates will be completed during the course of the 2024/2025 season.
The Season ticket for FAMILIES (shortcut of the series F)
The subscription cycle with a discounted children's ticket for the whole family includes titles from all three companies of the Slovak National Theatre. It will introduce children to the magical world of opera, fabulous drama and the beauty of ballet. Ľubomír Feldek, the king of children's literature, has combined the motifs of several well-known stories into one amusing and dynamic fairy tale in the production about Fear-Not. In the SND Drama Theatre, you will experience an exciting journey with a brave hero who doesn't know what fear is and Maruška, who doesn't hesitate to go strawberry or viola picking in January. You will also meet the emperor, his new dress, and his stepmother. Suitable for all brave children who are not afraid to sit in the auditorium for two hours! One of the oldest ballets in the world takes you to the sun-drenched countryside. La fille mal gardée is an idyllic story of Lisa falling in love in a gorgeous setting of colourful countryside with dancing chickens and hay parties. Come see with us that love always wins in the end. The magical story of The Nutcracker ballet, full of characters from the world of dreams and fantasy, belongs to Christmas as much as cakes, Cinderella and carols. Perhaps no other music evokes such an impression of blazing fireplaces, swirling snowflakes, brightly wrapped presents and twinkling lights on the Christmas tree as The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. Without him, there would be no Christmas at the theatre! There has never been a shortage of devils in Czech fairy tales and fables; see for yourself at the SND Opera. Dvořák's opera The Devil and Kate, based on the fairy tale of the same name by Božena Němcová, tells the story of the wise shepherd Jirka, the cheeky village girl Kate and the deceived devil Marbuel. Performed as a large-scale production for the whole family, full of beautiful music, movement, acrobatics and parkour at the Slovak National Theatre. Mouflon Ancijáš probably needs no introduction. The unconventional hero of the popular books by Braňo Jobus, a good-hearted mouflon - a trucker dressed in ripped sweatpants, has visited the SND Opera this time, accompanied by the playful music of Slavo Solovic. This time, even the smallest children will enjoy a happy hour in the auditorium of the Slovak National Theatre. A new Slovak translation by Jan Strasser brings the story of Janko, Marienka, and the ogreish witch to life on the opera stage. The world-famous children's opera The Gingerbread House will take the form of a narrative family performance at the Slovak National Theatre.
Price: Adults: 149 €
Price: Children: 137 €
LUSKÁČIK 14. 12. 2024
THE DEVIL AND KATE 18. 1. 2025
** the missing dates will be completed during the course of the 2024/2025 season.
The Season ticket for FESTIVAL OF EUROPEAN THEATRE (shortcut of the series F)
The season ticket subscription package Festival of Foreign/European Theatre presents guest companies from abroad to the Slovak National Theatre. We would like to build on the popular Eurocontext and bring the work of our partner and allied theatres and distinguished guests closer to our audiences. In the 2024/2025 season, we have prepared five guest appearances from four countries in five interesting Eurocontexts. We spread out the guest appearances gradually throughout the season to make foreign theatre experiences accessible. As early as in September, we will welcome the world Comédie-Française to the Slovak National Theatre for the third time. It comes with the title Hecuba, based on the ancient play by Euripides, but which will also expand the contemporary story of the actress who interprets the title character. The productions about the power of women will be directed by Tiago Rodriguez, currently the director of the Avignon International Theatre Festival. The second title in November will be a guest appearance by the national theatre from Slovenia, Drama Ljubljana. They will present Lucy Kirkwood's Children, directed by Nina Shorak. One of the best contemporary plays by an award-winning British playwright raises profound moral and ethical dilemmas in which we find ourselves in times of crises and disasters. The intelligent and humorous dialogue of the three strong protagonists, stars of the National Theatre in Ljubljana, is also about ageing, but also the changing reality of the present. In December, we will host our friends from the National Theatre in Prague with the production of Choderlos de Laclos' Dangerous Liaisons, directed by the duo SKUTR (Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský). The dangerous games with emotions, relationship strategies and manipulations, and the web of love polygons are an original take on a popular substance. In February, we will present to our audience a co-production between the Drama Theatre of the Slovak National Theatre and Schauspielhaus Wien. The author of On the River/Am Fluss is Mazlum Nergiz, and the director is Christiane Pohle. The cast includes members of the SND Drama Theatre, Richard Stanke and Jakub Rybárik. About the world between two rivers and the dialogue across the world. A special guest performance is DJGT Zvolen's production I love mama, starring Božidara Turzonová. The author and director is the prominent Israeli filmmaker Hadar Galron. A look at nine women and three generations of one family opens up the themes of motherhood and career and family relationships with astonishing insight.
Price: 1st category 180 €
HEKUBA – Comédie-Française 20. 9. 2024
I LOVE MAMA – DJGT Zvolen October 2024
CHILDREN – Drama Ljublana 20. 11. 2024
DANGEROUS LIAISONS – ND Prague 11. 12. 2024
ON THE RIVER – Schauspielhaus Wien February 2025