Price: Children: 137 €
LUSKÁČIK 14. 12. 2024
THE DEVIL AND KATE 18. 1. 2025
** the missing dates will be completed during the course of the 2024/2025 season.
The subscription cycle with a discounted children's ticket for the whole family includes titles from all three companies of the Slovak National Theatre. It will introduce children to the magical world of opera, fabulous drama and the beauty of ballet. Ľubomír Feldek, the king of children's literature, has combined the motifs of several well-known stories into one amusing and dynamic fairy tale in the production about Fear-Not. In the SND Drama Theatre, you will experience an exciting journey with a brave hero who doesn't know what fear is and Maruška, who doesn't hesitate to go strawberry or viola picking in January. You will also meet the emperor, his new dress, and his stepmother. Suitable for all brave children who are not afraid to sit in the auditorium for two hours! One of the oldest ballets in the world takes you to the sun-drenched countryside. La fille mal gardée is an idyllic story of Lisa falling in love in a gorgeous setting of colourful countryside with dancing chickens and hay parties. Come see with us that love always wins in the end. The magical story of The Nutcracker ballet, full of characters from the world of dreams and fantasy, belongs to Christmas as much as cakes, Cinderella and carols. Perhaps no other music evokes such an impression of blazing fireplaces, swirling snowflakes, brightly wrapped presents and twinkling lights on the Christmas tree as The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. Without him, there would be no Christmas at the theatre! There has never been a shortage of devils in Czech fairy tales and fables; see for yourself at the SND Opera. Dvořák's opera The Devil and Kate, based on the fairy tale of the same name by Božena Němcová, tells the story of the wise shepherd Jirka, the cheeky village girl Kate and the deceived devil Marbuel. Performed as a large-scale production for the whole family, full of beautiful music, movement, acrobatics and parkour at the Slovak National Theatre. Mouflon Ancijáš probably needs no introduction. The unconventional hero of the popular books by Braňo Jobus, a good-hearted mouflon - a trucker dressed in ripped sweatpants, has visited the SND Opera this time, accompanied by the playful music of Slavo Solovic. This time, even the smallest children will enjoy a happy hour in the auditorium of the Slovak National Theatre. A new Slovak translation by Jan Strasser brings the story of Janko, Marienka, and the ogreish witch to life on the opera stage. The world-famous children's opera The Gingerbread House will take the form of a narrative family performance at the Slovak National Theatre.