MORALS 2000+

MORALS 2000+


Tri minidrámy napísané špeciálne na objednávku Slovenského národného divadla hľadajú odpovede na otázky tzv. novej morálky.

The new SND building, Studio

1. Júlia Rázusová: So Teach Us to Number Our Days 
Director:  Júlia Rázusová

Man Robert Roth 
Woman Jana Oľhová 
Father Alexander Bárta 
Mother Barbora Andrešičová, APA student

2. Zuzana Dzurindová: Embryos 
Director Alena Lelková

Peter Ľuboš Kostelný 
Eva Zuzana Fialová 
Jana Adela Mojžišová guest appearance/ Monika Potokárová, APA student

3. Kamil Žiška: Man Without Pain 
Director Kamil Žiška

Peter Marián Geišberg 
Alžbeta Božidara Turzonovová 
Jakub Ján Gallovič 
Magdaléna Monika Horváthová, APA student 

Technical progress puts us on ever new moral crossroads. We face ethical dilemmas which the generations of our fathers did not know. With have no experience with resolving them. There are no tried and tested norms within them, no accumulated experience. We have to define the new morals on the spot. Is it ethical if a company pays its female employees for freezing their eggs and postponing their pregnancy until an old age for the sake of work efficiency? What can this lead to? And what happens when science allows the rapid extension of life without taking natural resources into consideration? Three mini dramas written specifically for the Slovak National Theatre will seek answers to these questions - directed by three distinct representatives of young Slovak theatre: Slávy Daubnerovej, Aleny Lelkovej and Júlie Rázusovej. If the staging of Desatoro was a reconstruction of the ancient moral pillars of Western society, this staging turns our gaze to the future.

Running time: 1 hr 50 mins with no interval

Production Team