Jesus of Montreal

Denys Arcand

Jesus of Montreal


The new SND building, Drama hall
3. 2. 2024 4. 2. 2024

Schedule of performances

Friday 1. 3. 2024
19:00 h 21:50 h
In sales
Saturday 2. 3. 2024
19:00 h 21:50 h
In sales
Friday 19. 4. 2024
19:00 h 21:50 h
In sales
At the cathedral above Montreal, Easter Passion is played every year about the death of Jesus Christ. The production needs to be refreshed a bit – over the years, the acting of the main characters has become pathetic and far-fetched. The priest assigns this task to a young, unconventional theatre actor Daniel, who writes a new script and sets up a group of actors – Martin, whose acting career has been reduced to dubbing porn films, Mireille, whom show business has reduced only to her body, Constance beaten by life, and René, who has been dreaming of the character of Hamlet in vain all his life. Although the church representatives will not greet new production with enthusiasm, the passion story grows from production to life and has an extraordinary impact on the audience and the actors themselves. Arcand's story is a search for the meaning and place of spirituality in the modern, urbanised, scientific world, but also a satirical view of the world of art, and theatre in particular.
Running time: 2 hrs 50 mins with one interval
Première February 3, 2024
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Production Team

Translated by Zuzana Hekel
Direction by Ján Luterán
Dramaturgy Daniel Majling
Set design Juraj Kuchárek
Choreography Assistance Ladislav Cmorej


Herec a režisér Daniel Coulombe Martin Šalacha
Herečka Mireille Fontaineová Anežka Petrová
Herečka Constance Lazureová Zuzana Porubjaková (as a guest)
Herec Martin Durocher Gregor Hološka
Herec René Sylvestre Jakub Rybárik
Kňaz Raymond Leclerc Alexander Bárta
Advokát Richard Cardinal Richard Stanke
Divadelná kritička France Garibaldiová, Dabingová herečka Sláva Jana Oľhová
Režisér Jerzy Strelisky, Strážnik Bob Chalifoux, Čašník Julien, Herec, ktorý hrá Ivana K, Hlas režiséra Roman Poláčik
Divadelný kritik Roméo Miroir, Vyšetrovateľ François Bastien, Sanitár Terry, Klient z pivovaru Ondrej Kovaľ
Majiteľka reklamnej agentúry Regine Malouinová, Dabingová herečka Popula Rebeka Poláková
Herec Pascal Berger, Vyšetrovateľ Marcel Brochu, Sanitár Mark, Klient z pivovaru Daniel Ratimorský (as a guest)
Chrámový zbor, diváci, tanečníci na castingu, filmový štáb, diváčka, partnerka advokáta Zabou, policajt, Fabienne, Greg, Pete Ján Gallovič Sára Polyáková (as a guest) Lenka Libjaková (as a guest) Zuzana Znášiková (as a guest) Nora Ibsenová (as a guest) Ján Morávek (as a guest) Jakub Jablonský (as a guest)