A new edition of a successful project that integrates choreographic mastery with outstanding fashion.

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall

The new edition, already the third iteration of the successful Fashion Ballet project, once again brings four original miniatures, in which choreographers and fashion designers will perform in tandem. Fashion will come alive through movement in original choreographies, and vice versa; the fashion designers will illustrate the sculptural beauty of the dancers of the SND Ballet through costumes.

Choreography Andrej Cagáň
Costume Design Ida Sandor
Music Roman Harvan
Lighting designer Karel Šimek
The original dance miniature results from the mutual inspiration of the dancer Andrej Cagáň and the cellist Roman Harvan, whose artistic careers have long been linked to the Slovak National Theatre. The authors try to address the questions - what do our dreams reflect, and why do they come at the turning points? Do they provide the solutions we are looking for? The costumes for the choreographic miniature about dreams were designed by the renowned designer Ida Sandor, whose work is characterised by minimalism, geometric shapes, original cuts, quality materials and attention to detail.
Trembling of the moment
Choreography by Nina Poláková
Music by Ľubica Čekovská
Costume design Petra Kovacs
Life offers an infinite number of ways to uncover its purpose. Isn't it enough if that purpose is life itself? The duet Trembling of the Moment, which comes from the collaboration of three renowned artistic personalities - Nina Poláková, Ľubica Čekovská and Petra Kovacs offers an answer to this question. Petra Kovács is one of the distinctive talents of the current young generation, who focuses on ecology and sustainability in fashion. Her costume complements the evocative and mysterious nature of the duet, which reveals the inner depths of a woman's soul.
Choreography Andrej Petrovič
Costume Design Veronika Hložníková
Music Vladislav Šarišský
Dramaturgy Eva Gajdošová
Lighting designer Karel Šimek
The focus of Andrej Petrovic's intimate work is a quartet of fashion designers. They face the challenge of finding the right ideas in their pursuit of creating the perfect work of art. How will their anticipation of the muse turn out? Andrej Petrovič uses a distinctive movement vocabulary in an attempt to portray the uniqueness of each of the dancers, the power of inspiration and the importance of collaboration, at the end of which there is an attraction to beauty. The sparkling music of Vladislav Šarišský enhances the atmosphere of the work. The costume design by Veronika Hložníková contrasts stylised men's fashion and feminine shapes, white and black, with accents of bold colours in an exciting play with silhouettes and shapes.
Choreography Marek Grega
Costume Design Jaroslava Wurll Kocanova
Music Stanislav Palúch
The choreography in Gaia's five scenes celebrates Mother Earth, her vital force and her ability to be reborn. The work about the necessity to return to nature carries the style of Marek Grega, a long-time soloist of SĽUK. It combines folk dance motifs with contemporary movement vocabulary. In keeping with the original music of the well-known violinist and multi-genre composer Stanislav Palúch, it emphasises strong dynamics and rhythm. The overall idea of the work is enhanced by the costumes of Jaroslava Wurll Kocanova, who employs modern technology in her quest for sustainable fashion. Her work is inspired by Slovak folk embroidery, patterns and ornaments, which she transforms into a modern, sophisticated form.
Running time: 2 hrs no interval

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