Poetic Scenes from Eugene Onegin

Piotr Iľjič Čajkovskij

Poetic Scenes from Eugene Onegin


A production by the SND Opera Studio

The new SND building, Skúšobné javisko
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky described his most famous opera, Eugene Onegin, as a "lyrical scene". That reveals the composer's intention to devote particular attention to the precise psychology of the characters and the captivating portrayal of the environment. Tchaikovsky concentrated on the relationships between the individual characters and designed the opera as suggestively shaped monologues and dialogues that grow out of dramatic situations full of typically warm melodies. The new production of the Opera Studio of the Slovak National Theatre wants to emphasise precisely this dimension of the work. The "laboratory" space of the Opera and Ballet Rehearsal Stage has therefore become an ideal platform for selecting the key "lyrical scenes" and for an original stage design that will draw the audience into the action with great intensity.
Dear visitors, please arrive at the performance in advance and wait by the dressing rooms, from where our presenters will take you to the opera and ballet rehearsal stage.
Duration of the performance: 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission
Première: June 18, 2023
A distinguished partner of the SND Opera Studio

Production Team

Musical preparation, conductor Dušan Štefánek
Directed and Dramaturgy by Gustáv Herényi
Stage Design Milan Ferenčík
Costumes Design Nadežda Šimunová
Chorusmaster Ladislav Kaprinay