The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Robert Crichton

The Secret of Santa Vittoria


The new SND building, Drama hall
1. 2. 2025

Schedule of performances

Saturday 1. 2. 2025
19:00 h 21:00 h
An adaptation of Robert Crichton's comic novel offers a lively tale of not taking things seriously until it's about life and death. Or wine? It is 1943, and Santa Vittoria, a picturesque mountain town in Italy, is waking up to a new era after twenty years of Mussolini's dictatorship. The locals have survived the war on the home front and have no idea of the change that lies ahead. Experience whispers to them that perhaps, as always – none. But every reason to celebrate counts. Great idols and false hopes were discarded long ago, and they concentrated on what is nearest and dearest to them – wine. With its harsh honesty, spiced with sarcasm and sharp acronyms, Crichton's draft is reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut's books or Heller's Catch-22. At first glance, this light comedic gloss on the indomitable Italian character is a timely metaphor for the various forms of defiance. The surprising plot develops into more and more absurd and serious tones. So, the well-kept secret of true heroism is finally revealed—let us not assign the role of heroes to others. Let us not just wait for white crows or valiant falcons who will sacrifice themselves for us and put their own lives on the line. The key is to pick up the part of your body that is touching the chair and try to do something. Both possible and impossible.
Running time is indicative, as the dress rehearsal is still due for the production.
Première February 1, 2025
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Production Team


Italo Bombolini Jozef Vajda
Rosa Bomboliniová maiden name Camarassima Zuzana Fialová
Angela Bombolini, their daughter Anna Magdaléna Hroboňová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Fabio Della Romagna, student Adam Hílek (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
Ugo Babbaluche, shoemaker František Kovár
Caterina Malatesta Rebeka Poláková
Carlo Tufa Juraj Loj
Fabrizzio Vittorini Martin Šalacha
Padre Polenta, priest Branislav Bystriansky
The Godfather Réva Štefan Bučko
Grandma Nona, narrator Božidara Turzonovová
Captain Sepp von Prum Tomáš Maštalír
Sergt. Taub Ondrej Kovaľ
Giuliano Copa, former Mayor Ivan Vojtek
Dr Lorenzo Bara, doctor "To see him and die" Dušan Jamrich
Cosimo Francucci, a corrupt baker Ján Gallovič