Florian Zeller



An intimate look into the woman's soul

The new SND building, Studio
9. 6. 2024 19:00 h - 20:30 h

Schedule of performances

Friday 27. 9. 2024
19:00 h 20:30 h
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Anne lovingly looked after her husband, enjoyed preparing breakfast for her children and provided the full family service. Simply, she filled her life with her family, until she came to realise that she was actually alone. This serene life somewhat deceived her. Perhaps she was also deceived by her husband who is busy seminar-hopping. The son is now an adult and no longer needs his mother. How is she to come to terms with the fact that he, too, has his own life now? What to fill hers with? What is left once love is gone? Suddenly, Anne no longer has her place and a goal. The bitter comedy Mother is a family drama about coming of age, leaving and sudden self-awareness. Yet, it is also about fear of abandonment, loneliness, of an empty nest. The acclaimed French playwright Florian Zeller created a fascinating world of reality and illusion of a woman, a mother. What is a mother left with once her self-sacrifice on behalf of her family comes to an end, her children’s freedom and husband’s autonomy become reality? Ultimately, she merely raises the fundamental question: What was it all for? Actually, what was the point of it all?

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval

Première November 13, 2021
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Production Team

Stage Director Soňa Ferancová
Stage and Costume Design Georges Vafias
Choreography Assistance Renata Ptačin
Music selected Soňa Ferancová