1. Gift vouchers can be used to pay for tickets and additional merchandise at the box office.
2. When purchasing online, gift vouchers can only be used to purchase tickets.
3. A gift voucher is a security item, the counterfeiting of which is punishable under the relevant law.
4. Types of gift vouchers:
Gift voucher valued at 20 €
Gift voucher valued at 35 €
Gift voucher valued at 50 €

5. Each gift voucher has a unique identifier
6. Gift vouchers can also be redeemed for performances on dates exceeding the validity of the gift voucher.
7. The gift voucher can only be used for a one-time payment of tickets, and it cannot be used for partial ticket purchases. The remaining balance is not refunded when purchasing tickets with a gift voucher.
8. If the ticket price is higher than the value of the voucher, the difference must be paid in cash or by card.
9. When paying for tickets using gift vouchers, it is possible to use multiple gift vouchers and combine different types of gift vouchers.
10. In case of loss or damage to the gift voucher, the SND does not provide a new/replacement voucher.
11. A gift voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a voucher with a different expiry date.
12. Gift vouchers can be purchased at the SND box office and online at www.snd.sk.
13. The SND gift voucher is not subject to VAT.
14. Unless specified otherwise in this article of the GTC, the terms and conditions set out in other articles of these GTC shall apply correspondingly to gift vouchers.
The sample SND gift voucher for the 2021/2022 season is valid from 1. 8. 2022 until 30. 12. 2023