Antonín Dvořák



Lyrical opera in three acts performed in Czech
Czech/German subtitles

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
Rusalka is the story of a water fairy who lived with her female companions and her father, the Vodyanoy, in a forest lake. She desired to become human, to experience love. Baba Yaga can help her, but on the condition that she should remain silent, and if she loses her love, she must return to the lake as a wanderer. The Prince got lost in the forest, met Rusalka and fell in love with her. Rusalka returned his love and went with him to the castle. After a while, however, the Prince gets tired of her. Rusalka, desperate, confided in Vodyanoy, who swore revenge. The Prince realised his fault too late, and found Rusalka in the woods, hugged her and died in her arms.
Dvořák's opera is full of stunning musical beauty and is one of the theatre works that move audiences all over the world. The production, directed by Martin Kákoš is a delightful and engaging fairy tale for the whole family.

This production is presented on the occasion of the Year of Czech Music.

Running time: 3 hrs 10 mins with two interval

Première February 20, 2020
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