Don Carlo

Giuseppe Verdi

Don Carlo


Opera in four acts performed in Italian

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall

Although the composition of Don Carlos was complicated, it is Giuseppe Verdi's supreme opera, incorporating all the achievements of the opera genre and his own experience into the work. The orchestra is an equal partner to the singers - the beautifully proportioned arias are conceived as grand monologues, and the dramatic scenes are masterfully orchestrated. Nevertheless, it is still "good old Verdi" - lovers of bel canto and great romantic suites will find it a delight. The story of the love affair between real historical characters, Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish infant Carlos, against the backdrop of the cruel rule of King Philip II and the Church, is a captivating drama in Verdi's adaptation, supported by the elaborate and historically faithful staging of the director Diego de Brea.

Running time: 3 hrs 40 mins with two interval

Première October 19, 2018

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Production Team

Conductor Juraj Valčuha
Direction Diego de Brea
Costumes Design Blagoj Micevski


Philippe II Peter Mikuláš
Don Carlo Pavol Bršlík
Rodrigue, marquis of Posa Daniel Čapkovič
The Grand Inquisitor Jozef Benci
Elisabeth of Valois Jolana Fogašová
Princess Eboli Gosha Kowalinska
A monk (the apparition of the deceased Emperor Charles V.) Gustáv Beláček
Tebaldo / Anjelský hlas Adriana Banásová
The Count of Lerma Jiří Zouhar Michal Želonka