Request Concert

Franz Xaver Kroetz

Request Concert


The play is without words but says more than the one with lots of talking

The new SND building, Studio

Schedule of performances

Thursday 5. 9. 2024
19:00 h 20:00 h
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Is it possible to have a silent dialogue with the viewer through an inner monologue? This is the question offered by Request Concert, a silent, hyper-realistic experiment. The author of this play, or perhaps rather libretto, is Franz Xaver Kroetz, a German playwright who wrote about seventy plays and is one of our time's most essential theatre authors. His plays suggestively portray people who cannot articulate their own individuality anymore; they are wounded and betrayed by false illusions of better tomorrows. That is not the case here, either. "On any given weekday, Miss Rasch would come home at about half past seven in the evening after work and shopping. she walks into the apartment, looks for the mail, finds only one advertising brochure, takes it, walks to the door of her room, unlocks it and enters." Thanks to the author's clear dramatic vision, the mundane is here transformed into something almost hypnotic; we reach a point of complete empathy with the woman. Although Miss Rasch does not say a word, she is the voice of souls who, even today, feel lost, lonely and without purpose. Confrontation. Balancing. Decision. What does it mean? But most importantly - why is it happening? In its Slovak première, fifty years after its creation, Concert on Demand will be directed by Kamila Polívková.
Running time: 1 hrs no interval
Première February 11, 2023
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Production Team

Stage Director Kamila Polívková
Scenography, lighting design, projection Antonín Šilar
Stage and Costume Design Zuzana Sceranková
Music Katarzia (as a guest)