Giuseppe Verdi



Opera in four acts performed in Italian
Slovak/German subtitles

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
Verdi's exceptional opera is one of the most popular works of world opera literature. It was commissioned from as far away as exotic Cairo and was to be performed as part of the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal.
The Ethiopian princess Aida fell into Egyptian captivity, remaining a slave to the Egyptian princess Amneris. The two young women love the warrior Radames, but he declared his feelings to Aida. But the lovers had to face a difficult choice between loyalty to their country and their love for each other. Unfavourable circumstances were pointing towards an inevitable catastrophe. Love fulfilled and unfulfilled, the ties to the homeland, jealousy, intrigues, and revenge - Aida is a genuine romantic story. The production is a monumental historical fresco thanks to Verdi's thrilling music and Pavel Smolík's traditional direction.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval

Première September 26, 2020
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Production Team

Stage Director Pavol Smolík
Stage Design Marek Hollý
Costumes Design Ľudmila Várossová
Choreography Jaroslav Moravčík
Dramaturgy Martin Bendik