Am Fluss/Pri rieke [On the River]

Mazlum Nergiz

Am Fluss/Pri rieke [On the River]


Coproduction with Schauspielhaus Wien

The new SND building, Studio

Schedule of performances

Saturday 30. 11. 2024
19:30 h 21:30 h
Two men gather at night at the ruins by the river. A choir of curious bystanders observes them. Everything that has happened and is happening in this area suddenly happens in one moment. 1956. There's a doctor whose books were burned here. 1985. The artist who fell from the 34th floor. 1975. An architect who carves holes in the buildings by the river. And at the same moment, the two men secretly whisper each other's names: Dan and Christopher. Here, water itself becomes the medium that guides us through time. Stories, encounters and events from well over fifty years intertwine. Against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis and European fascism, the fates of the characters intertwine like streams of a river. Everyone is a victim of violence. They all enter into a tender, multi-voiced dialogue here in this place – oblivious to each other. The nomadic text about the unquenchable desire for life and freedom will be directed by the renowned German director Christiane Pohle.
Running time is indicative, as the dress rehearsal is still due for the production.
Première November 30, 2024
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Production Team

Translation Martina Vannayová
Stage Director Christiane Pohle
Dramaturgy Mário Drgoňa
Stage and Costume Design Charlotte Pistorius


Performers Jakub Rybárik Richard Stanke Maximiliian Thienen (as a guest) Iris Becher (as a guest) Sissi Reich (as a guest)