Original project

Gianina Carbunariu

Original project


The new SND building, Drama hall
5. 4. 2025

Schedule of performances

Saturday 5. 4. 2025
19:00 h 21:00 h
The original project of the director Gianina Carbunaria is another of the SND Drama Theatre's collaborations with prominent creators from abroad. The Romanian playwright and director has worked on many European theatre stages. She is preparing an exclusive original play that touches upon two realities for the Drama Theatre of the Slovak National Theatre. Two countries with a post-communist past are moving towards the present. At the same time, in the effort to understand new narratives and the problems of divided societies, there is a desire for a dialogue, whatever we imagine it to be. The original play will be based on research, interviews and a close examination of the experiences of individual performers. Her working method creates a new, autonomous perspective on what we actually live or rather would like to live. Reality and theatre fiction, distance and detachment provide the means to re-evaluate what we honestly know about ourselves.
Running time is indicative, as the dress rehearsal is still due for the production.
Première April 5, 2025
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