Blood Wedding

Federico García Lorca

Blood Wedding


The new SND building, Drama hall
9. 11. 2024

Schedule of performances

Saturday 9. 11. 2024
19:00 h 21:00 h
The renowned Spanish author Federico García Lorca created what are now gems of classical drama. Already in the 1930s, he opened up the themes of emancipation, freedom, identity and women's role in society through prominent female heroines. In 1933, he wrote a thrilling drama, a beautiful poetic epic of passion, love and tradition, Blood Wedding. On the wedding day, Leonardo kidnaps the bride, his former love. Or rather, is she running away from her own groom? Are repressed feelings stronger than the fear of what is to come? Set in hot Andalusia, the story is an archetypal tale of mothers losing their sons, of fathers and daughters, of love that is stronger, and of honour that is beyond all rational reasoning. We observe the maturation of the heroes as they face death with great intensity. The dreamy drama is also about the desire to forgive, but it may not be as strong as the desire for revenge.
Running time is indicative, as the dress rehearsal is still due for the production.
Première November 9, 2024
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Production Team

Translation Vladimír Oleríny
Stage Director Ján Luterán
Stage and Costume Design Alžbeta Kutliaková


Mother-in-law, Maid, Neighbour Jana Oľhová
Leonardo’s wife Zuzana Porubjaková
Father of the bride František Kovár
Moon Michal Noga (as a guest)
Girls Michaela Trokanová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Anna Magdaléna Hroboňová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Petra Dubayová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)