Ľubomír Feldek



A fairy-tale about how Maruška and Fear-Not encountered more than just Twelve Months.

The new SND building, Drama hall
13. 10. 2023 10:00 h - 12:10 h

Schedule of performances

Tuesday 29. 10. 2024
17:00 h 19:10 h
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Wednesday 30. 10. 2024
10:00 h 12:10 h
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Wednesday 20. 11. 2024
17:00 h 19:10 h
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The Master of literature for children Ľubomír Feldek created a splendid drama merry-go-round that sets in motion themes of a number of popular stories into a witty and dynamic fairy-tale. Beneath the snow-capped peaks of the Tatra mountains, we meet the Emperor and his new clothes. His outfit earns him legitimate mockery of the folk. Yet we also come across the Princess on the Pea, and the insidious and cunning Witch-the-Stepmother. With her fabrications not only does she pain her stepdaughter Maruška once she learns the truth from the magical Mirror. And the truth is that not her, but her stepdaughter is the prettiest lady in the world. Just like the story itself, those to be brave and bold are Nebojsa / Fear-Not, who doesn’t know what fear is, and Maruška, who is unafraid to venture out to pick strawberries or violets in January. In addition to ingenuity, in time they become joined by love that will overcome even the gloomiest of mountains. For that, however, Nebojsa/Fear-Not must first leave his home to find out what the fear is all about and what it is good for. Twelve Months set off to teach him that. They aren’t nearly as hostile as they may first seem. To find out whether he succeeds, you must join him on his long journey. The First Month will keep you company throughout the story. January – the storyteller – has prepared for you a cart filled with stories with an abundance of adventure, challenges, as well as joy and just the right dose of happy ends.
Running time: 2 hrs 10 minutes with one interval
Première June 4, 2022
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Production Team

Stage Director Ondrej Spišák
Stage Design František Lipták
Costumes Design Katarína Hollá
Choreography Eva Burdová


Nebojsa Richard Autner (as a guest)
Father Nebojsa Ján Gallovič
February Veronika Karolina Peštová (as a guest)
April Erik Šupčík (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)
July Dávid Selecký (as a guest)
August Mário Houdek (as a guest)
September Monika Szabó (as a guest)
October Marcela Cmorejová (as a guest)
November Martina Kamenská (as a guest)
December Michal Šelep (as a guest)