Odliv [Drain]

Lukáš Brutovský

Odliv [Drain]


The story of the country from which one leaves

The new SND building, Studio
12. 5. 2024 19:00 h - 20:30 h

Schedule of performances

Friday 6. 9. 2024
19:00 h 20:30 h
In sales
Sunday 6. 10. 2024
19:00 h 20:30 h
In sales
Tuesday 26. 11. 2024
19:00 h 20:30 h
In sales
A stage poem about the country from which one leaves. Text on brain drain and searching in the structure of its possible meanings. How, from what, and what are we leaving for? How do we see our country from a perspective and how from its centre? What is our concept of home? Are we Slovaks? Do we perceive ourselves more Slovak at home or abroad? Do we fell like that at all? Didn't we get too comfortable in this place which we want to leave? Is the concept of our so-called pettiness a potential catalyst for change or just a satisfying complaint? Autoerotic snorting as our hallmark? Eternal dissatisfaction that rarely turns into some activity? Are we chasing each other out of here? Are we opening doors to others or closing them to ourselves? Isn't leaving actually an undersong of the Slovak myth? The drain as an associative song about a phenomenon that has been shaping many aspects of public and private life in Slovakia for a long time.
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval
Première April 6, 2024
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Dramaturgický úvod 30 minút pred predstavením (Foyer Činohry, vstup voľný)

Production Team

Stage Director Lukáš Brutovský
Dramaturgy Miro Dacho
Stage Design Juraj Poliak
Costumes Design Katarína Holková
Choreography Assistance Martin Talaga
Videoart Matouš Ondra


Performers Anna Javorková Emília Vášáryová Barbora Andrešičová Emil Horváth František Kovár Jana Oľhová Gregor Hološka Katarína Novotková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Viktória Svoradová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Adrián Hudák (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Richard Hainc (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Samuel Ducár (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)