Glengarry Glen Ross

David Mamet

Glengarry Glen Ross

The new SND building, Studio
19. 6. 2024 19:00 h - 20:30 h

The contemporary American author David Mamet placed his Glengarry Glen Ross into the setting of a real estate agency. It is the stage to play out the tough, harsh and, at times, even comical competition struggle among the staff who are selling even that which cannot be sold. Everyone wishes to climb the upper career echelons, ideally stepping on someone else’s back. Still, there is only one to be given the chance. As a staff incentive, the agency comes up with a competition to win a luxury car, a set of knives or, on the contrary a loss of job. That gives rise to all kinds of career scheming among the staff, which unveil unfair practices, shrewd tricks, as well as mutual betrayal. All this is part of the merciless struggle for survival. Characteristic humour, idiosyncratic language and brilliant dialogues merge in Glengarry Glen Ross with peculiar irony, effective metaphor and unremitting business world. A world is born where 'to have' is more important than 'to be'. Simply, our world! The play earned David Mamet Pulitzer Prize, and two Academy-nominated films based on the piece.

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes, no interval

Première September 24, 2021
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Production Team

Translation Ľubica Krénová
Stage Director Ingrid Timková
Stage and Costume Design Ema Terenová