SND Season tickets for 2023/2024

Once again, the Slovak National Theatre brings you the opportunity to purchase a subscription to a series of selected performances of drama, opera and ballet in the 2023/2024 theatre season.
We believe that the 104th SND theatre season will offer pleasant moments full of emotions and powerful experiences.
1. A season ticket is a prepaid ticket to a series of selected theatre performances. The season ticket thus includes tickets for a specific seat and specific theatre performances scheduled for a specific date and venue in the 2023/2024 season.
2. By purchasing the season tickets, the season ticket holder secures a permanent booking of the selected seats in the venues of the performances listed in the series for which the season ticket applies. There is no need for any further bookings.
3. The season ticket is marked with the title of the series, the specific venue (of the specific building of the SND) and the booked seat.
4. Season tickets apply to all the performances listed in the series. The season ticket holder keeps the season ticket for all the performances in the series and does not hand it over to the ushers upon entering the venue.
5. The dates of the Opera and Ballet performances are known when the season tickets series are available for purchase. The dates of the Drama performances are announced by the SND operations at least a month ahead of the performance date. The specific performance dates and the season ticket series can be verified on the programme posters and the website
6. The dates of the scheduled performances are invariable.
7. The season ticket is transferable. Therefore, if the date of the performance does not suit the season ticket holders and they cannot participate in person, they may lend their season ticket to their family members, acquaintances or friends.
8. In the event of a change or cancellation of a performance, the SND shall offer the season ticket holder an adequate alternative.
9. By purchasing the season ticket, its holder undertakes to follow and respect the scheduled dates of the performances that are designated within the season series.
10. The season ticket is a security for the period of its validity (according to the performances scheduled within the season series). The season ticket expires when all the performances of the season series it was purchased for have been performed.
11. The SND does not guarantee the seats from the previous seasons for any of the series.
12. Change of the programme is reserved.
Purchase of the SND season ticket for the 104th season 2023/2024
The season tickets will be available for purchase at the SND box office upon the launch of the sale with a designated staff member.
For further information, please contact: email +421 2,204 72,279.
The General Terms and Conditions of the Slovak National Theatre for the 2023/2024 season apply to the sale of the SND season ticket series.
What are the benefits of the season tickets?
 the possibility to choose your favourite seat in the auditorium in the best categories
 guarantee of booking of the same seat for all your performances within the season
 the season ticket is transferable – you can also treat your loved ones with it
 in the event of a change of performance, you shall be offered an adequate alternative
individual approach thanks to a designated staff member of the SND sales department during the whole season
 an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the premiers of the SND Opera and Ballet
The Season ticket for the Drama Theatre (abbreviation of the series: Č)
We’re here. We’re in Europe. What does it mean for us? Does it even mean something? Especially now, as we are in the midst of value contradictions, divisions and tensions. Or is it just another term for the culture wars? In between bubbles, communities and groups? Can theatre create a space for mutual respect? Could it facilitate an understanding of the complexities of thought, action and deeds, whether they are public matters or the most private ones? How much self-reflection can he resurrect until it becomes mitigating and appeasing? Again in the sense of a vertical dramaturgy of several themes and with the theme of paradoxes and contrasts as its main motif. In the 2023/2024 season, we are setting off into the unknown with the titles, but the themes are penetrating to the core. The series West confronts the fundamental value and ideological pillars of the old world with the values of the new century. They stand side by side and make up "our" West. But are we alright with that? Let us look at where we want to belong and where we used to belong, at what we are running away from and at the drift we are experiencing, but also at what we sometimes even latently look up to. We confront the European depression with everlasting Slovak whining because we are a community that likes to argue, fragment, disagree and worry. Are we different from the rest of Europe in this? Or do we actually have something to offer to this West? So, what kind of world and values do we want to fight for? Are there any left? We believe in the ideas and values of family, but we're not sure if it even works for us anymore. We identify the white spots of history and tell ourselves that this will not happen again. And then we look helplessly at the repetition and the madness of the world. Are we camouflaging the madness in it to survive? Specially to live. Even laugh at it. And somewhere also to give someone a helping hand. Does it even mean something? What does it mean for us? We’re here. Three premières at the Drama Theatre Hall (Ježiš z Montrealu [Jesus from Montreal]) directed by Ján Luterán, Blázni z Valencie [Fools from Valencia] directed by Ondrej Spišák and the title directed by D. Pařízek), four premières at the Studio of the Drama Theatre (Pred očami západu [Under Western Eyes] directed by David Jařab, Sme v pohode [We’re okay] directed by Daniela Špinar, Odliv? [The tide?] directed by Lukáš Brutovský, Vassa directed by Ingrid Timková).
Price: 1st category 175 €, VIP category 205 €
Ježiš z Montrealu* [Jesus from Montreal]
Blázni z Valencie* [Fools from Valencia]
Pred očami západu* [Under Western Eyes]
Sme v pohode* [We’re okay]
Odliv?* [The tide?] *
Vassa *
The title directed by Dušana D. Pařízek *
* The missing title and absent dates will be updated during the 2023/2024 season.
The Season ticket for the OPERA (abbreviation of the series: O)
One of opera's most popular titles, Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco, a thrilling opera about freedom with the unforgettable Chorus of the Jews, returns to the stage in a new production. This iconic work comes to the stage of the SND Opera in a musical staging by the Italian conductor Pietro Rizzo. The concept of the Czech director Tomáš Ondřej Pilař has the ambition to maintain the spectator appeal of the piece in a strong visual gesture with respect to the historical subject matter. The opera classic Nabucco is succeeded by Bedřich Smetana's beautiful poetic opera Hubička [The Kiss], which is performed on the occasion of the World Year of Czech Music and the 200th anniversary of the composer's birth. This work has a special significance for our first stage as on the same day as our new première on March 1, 1920, the newly founded Slovak National Theatre was opened with it. Hubička is conducted by the Czech native Jaroslav Kyzlinek and directed by Andrea Hlinkova. The conductor Kyzlink is celebrating twenty years of collaboration with the SND Opera, and it is a delightful coincidence that his first opera title on our stage was Hubička in an earlier production. He will also take over the musical patronage of the return of the popular production of The Bartered Bride in the year of Bedřich Smetana. The third major première of the season will be Giacomo Puccini's Madama Butterfly. The lyrical musical drama comes to the stage in the musical staging by Martin Leginus and in the concept of the young director Matúš Bachynec, who debuts at the SND Opera after several very successful productions at the Drama Theatre. On the occasion of the life anniversary of the distinguished soloist of the SND Opera, we are preparing a gala concert Peter Mikuláš 70, which will pay tribute to this legend by the contemporary top singers.
Price: 1st category € 184
Nabucco 29. 9. 2023 *
Concert Peter Mikuláš 70 14.1. 2024
Hubička [The Kiss] 1. 3. 2024 *
The Bartered Bride 25.4. 2024 **
Madama Butterfly 21. 6. 2024 *
* 1st première
** renewed performance on the occasion of the Year of Czech Music
The Season ticket for the BALLET (abbreviation of the series: B)
Thrilling emotions, virtuoso technique and physicality, the incredible beauty of the dance, and the perfect mastery of choreography. All of this is presented in a subscription cycle focused on SND Ballet productions, which includes two premières and two exclusive projects. The première titles of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's The Swan Lake and Jules Massenet's Manon are proof of the eternal inspiration that artists find in immortal love. We present the fabulous Swan Lake, choreographed by Rudolf Nureyev and the seductive Manon, choreographed by Sir Kenneth MacMillan. The interpretive mastery of the world's best dancers will be showcased in the Art for Life event, which has a long tradition at the SND stage. The Fashion Ballet '24 offers a space for original creations, and it is the third edition of an exceptionally successful project that combines two phenomena: ballet and fashion. Let yourself be carried away by the ephemeral nature of dance in top choreographies by the world and local artists.
Price: 1st category € 170
Art for Life 13/10/2023*
The Swan Lake 3. 11. 2023 *
Manon 22. 3. 2024 *
Fashion Ballet ´24 24. 5. 2024 *
* 1st première
The season ticket for the OPERA and BALLET (abbreviation of the series: OB)
Opera and ballet premières offer the season ticket holders classic stories interpreted from a traditional and also contemporary perspective. Opera returns to two major repertoire titles: Verdi's Nabucco will be staged in a visually impressive and narrative concept by the renowned Czech director Tomáš Pilař in a co-production with the National Theatre in Prague. In Puccini's Madama Butterfly, young drama director Matúš Bachynec gets the opportunity to focus his attention on a precise portrayal of Japanese heritage and reveal of the layers of psychological drama. The opera company celebrates the year of Bedřich Smetana 2024 with a new production of the opera Hubička [The Kiss], which opened the Slovak National Theatre in 1920 - this time in a fresh direction by Slovak director Andrea Hlinkova and costumes by fashion designer Boris Hanečka. The ballet company continues its dramaturgical line of staging productions by international choreography personalities whose works have not been part of the repertoire of any of the domestic companies so far. The season is dominated by two full-length dramatic opuses that, thanks to their creators, demonstrate the highest artistic quality of the choreographic craft. The first is the iconic version of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Swan Lake, created by the legendary Rudolf Nureyev with a spectacular set by Jordi Roig. The second première is a ballet adaptation of Abbé Prévost's poetic tragedy Manon Lescaut. Choreographed by Sir Kenneth MacMillan and set to the music of Jules Massenet, Manon is a gripping tale of love trying to defy the odds.
Price: 1st category € 210
Nabucco 29. 9. 2023 *
The Swan Lake 3. 11. 2023 *
Hubička [The Kiss] 1. 3. 2024 *
Manon 22. 3. 2024 *
Madama Butterfly 21. 6. 2024 *
* 1st première