The Crucible

Arthur Miller

The Crucible


A thrilling play about eternal moral dilemmas inspired by the Salem witch hunt

The new SND building, Drama hall

Schedule of performances

Saturday 26. 10. 2024
19:00 h 22:00 h
In sales
Saturday 23. 11. 2024
19:00 h 22:00 h
In sales

A stirring play about the eternal moral dilemmas makes its comeback on stage the SND that last staged ´The Crucible in 1966. In his play that is an active witness to history, presence and possibly the future, Miller was inspired by the case from the past of the Puritan New England, the witch-hunt in the town of Salem in 1692. The girls, enthused by their house slave, engaged in paganic rituals. They started hallucinating as if possessed by the devil. Pressured by fear, collective hysteria and pragmatic manipulation, they started reporting false, especially female culprits. That brought about dozens of executions of the innocent, arrests, along with fatal chaos and horror. Even though Miller painted an impressive historical fresco, everyone was aware of his intention to place in the context of Salem the developments that took place in United States after World War II, when McCarthy’s Committee on Un-American Activities staged its witch-hunt. It was a hunt on all artists who were suspects of sympathising with Communism. Everything dishonourable ultimately turns against its makers. Yet, the cost is immense. Are we able to learn the lessons? Actually, are we willing to?

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval

Première March 31, 2022
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Production Team

Translation Miloš Ruppeldt
Stage Director Marián Amsler
Stage Design Juraj Kuchárek
Costumes Design Marija Havran
Choreography Assistance Stanislava Vlčeková


John Proctor Milan Ondrík
Abigail Williams Barbora Andrešičová
Mary Warren Jana Kovalčiková
Pastor John Hale Daniel Žulčák
Pastor Parris Ľuboš Kostelný
Deputy governor Ingrid Timková
Hathorne, Judge Ivan Vojtek
Anna Putnam Diana Mórová
Thomas Putnam Branislav Bystriansky
Martha Corey Zuzana Kocúriková
Giles Corey František Kovár
Tituba Jeanette Švoňavská (as a guest)
Betty Parris Sára Polyáková (as a guest) AnnaMária Janeková (as a guest)
Herrick Ladislav Bédi (as a guest)
Cheever Erik Žibek (as a guest)
Sarah Good, Mercy Lewis, Susan Walcott Natália Slovíková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Soňa Fábryová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Emily Drobňáková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Naďa Gášeková (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Viktória Vadovičová (Student, Academy of Performing Arts)