Eugen Suchoň



Myth, reality, legacy
Musical drama in three acts in the Slovak language, Slovak and English subtitles

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
This monumental and historical drama is not only a celebration of the glorious Slavic past but also a compelling musical drama with an intriguing inner world of the main characters. The ruler Svätopluk faces a dilemma: to stand up for a new Christian future or to give in to the pagans, follow the legacy of Rastislav or hold on to his power at all costs? His inner self is also tormented by the personal drama of a ruler who committed grave moral misdeeds on his way to power. The reconciliation with God and with his conscience comes as the culmination of the drama at the end in the form of prophetic sovereign wisdom and benevolence. However, the new production by the director Roman Polák also addresses issues prevailing in contemporary society. Are we going to stand up for our freedom and a sustainable future, or are we going to give way to those who cannot see even a few steps ahead?
The fundamental historical theme returns to the Slovak National Theatre Opera stage as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Slovak Republic in a new, visually powerful and philosophical concept.
We would like to advise the audience with breathing problems, suffering from epilepsy or hypersensitive viewers to be aware that in this production, there are intermittent light stimuli and the use of fire, which may result in smoke possibly extending into the auditorium.
Running time: 3 hours 20 minutes with two breaks
Première February 24, 2023
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Production Team

Musical Direction Martin Leginus
Stage Director Roman Polák
Costumes Design Pavol Dendis
Light objects Ján Šicko
Lighting Design Ján Ptačin
Choreography Ladislav Cmorej
Dramaturgy Jozef Červenka